My Winter Scents and Color Palette

Aesop hand balm, Narciso perfume, Chanel nail polish provocative

As it’s getting colder outside, most of us are going back to dark and cozy outfits, richer creams and heavier scents. These are some of my fall/winter beauty superstars:

I’m using the Chanel Provocation nail polish for a few years now and while I completely neglect it during the summer months, I love it during fall and winter. No, this is not organic. Compared to some US nail polishes this and other French nail polishes have much stricter guide lines… so maybe we could call it the good of the bad ones?

A scent defines a person. It can be comforting holding memories, of people, places and moments. NARCISO Eau de Parfum is a very elegant scent. When I put on a chunky sweater and spray Narciso on, I feel like I’m wrapped into a soft cloud.  By the way, don’t switch up your perfumes too much, I usually stick to one perfume maker and I don’t remember wearing anything else but Guerlain and Narciso Rodriguez perfumes.

I found that the Aesop Reverence Aromatic Hand Balm interplays perfectly with NARCISCO, maybe thanks to the bergamot scent in both. A combination of almond, cocoa, coconut and shea butter help nurture the skin. Other ingredients include essential oils and aloe vera. What I like about Aesop is that while they don’t claim to be organic, their ingredients are usually mostly natural, and there are never any parabens or other nasty ingredients inside. Absolute feel good brand!