My Berlin Summer Essentials: Mint Sunscreen by Aesop

Aesop Mint Protective Body Lotion

It’s a neverending summer here in Berlin. Yes, I’m in Berlin: I moved from New York for the summer, back home 🙂 Arriving here in Berlin was amazing and while everyone here is much more relaxed, if you’d ask me now which city never sleeps, I’ll tell you it’s Berlin! Then apart from nightlife, it is super green with large recreational parks and lakes for swimming and boating just about everywhere around the city. My favorite is Wannsee on the weekends or Weissensee for an after work escape. And if you like the urban feel, there’s Haubentaucher, an open air pool club in an old warehouse or the famous Badeschiff, a pool floating on the river Spree. It’s not Ibiza or Mykonos, but if you lay down on the sandy beach and look up into palm trees and blue skies listening to electronic tunes, you’re almost there.

Beach bag essentials? Cool shades, a black swimsuit, and sunscreen! The Protective Body Lotion from Aesop is hands down the best sunscreen I know of. It smells like fresh mojito mint and it doesn’t feel like sunscreen but so much more like a light-weight, nurturing lotion. It’s packed with good stuff from lavender , lemon and spearmint leaf oils for the aroma to moisturizing aloe vera, avocado, jojoba and carrot oils. I absolutely looove the scent! It’s a body lotion, but I use it for my face as well and it feels great.

This summer I love black cut out bathing suits like the one from Alexandre Vauthier:

So pack your bags and enjoy the last days of summer! Berlin is techno, but this here is some other epic Berlin summer music, enjoy 😉

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