Juice Beauty’s Instant Eye Lift

Stem Cellular Instant Eye Lift_0314

Sometimes a girl needs a lift. An instant eye lift that is. Juice Beauty, the organic skin care and make up company, which  uses an antioxidant technology with organic juice extract as base, has a new fabulous product: the Stem Cellular Instant Eye Lift. During the research and development process Juice Beauty teamed up with San Francisco-based Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Carolyn Chang and they came up with a few wonderfully innovative aspects: instead of cotton, the base for the eye lift serum is made out of algae avoiding pesticides and instead adding the algea’s richness of antioxidants and photo nutrients to the mix. The serum contains refreshing cucumber, white tea and healing arnica, hyaluronic acid and chamomile, as well as its signature fruit stem cells from apple, grape and lemon which are infused into grapeseed extracts bursting with antioxidant-rich resveratrol.

Even if you don’t have any wrinkles or lines yet, you should still try and prevent them. And who doesn’t sometimes wish for an instant lift when waking up with tired-looking and puffy eyes after sleep-deprived nights? After one application of the Instant Eye Lift the delicate skin around my eyes was remarkably brighter, lighter, and smoother and because my eyes already looked more awake and open, I didn’t need to wear my usual under eye concealer for the following days. The product lives up to its name: it does wonders instantly lifting up your face’s appearance (and your mood!).

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