Made in Brooklyn: skinnyskinny


Brooklyn has a fascinating vibe that reflects a combination of artistry, artisan-ship and entrepreneurial endeavors. When I think of the term “Made in Brooklyn” I think of products that are local, organic, farm-to-table, and handmade and at the same time contemporary, hip, and trendsetting. Like handcrafted organic skin care.

Brooklyn alone has almost a dozen of organic skin care companies and I’d like to take you with me on my mission to discover them all. My first stop is at the skinnyskinny store in Williamsburg, where owner Clara Williams sells her namesake skin care line along with flowers, little figures and lovely greeting cards. If you’re in Brooklyn, pay the store a visit at 268 Grand Street.

skinnyskinny vanilla orange body butter

Skinnyskinny’s body butters are soft and creamy melting immediately into the skin. My favorite is Vanilla & Orange with its warm and cozy scent it is perfect for the winter time.  ♥♥ $20

skinnyskinny coconut Ginger Lime scrub

Coconut + Ginger + Lime = Perfect Combination! I’ve written about the benefits of coconut before and that I love ginger is almost self-explanatory. The lime provides Vitamin C and a fresh scent. Sugar, jojoba and sesame oil exfoliate and soften the skin. ♥♥♥ $26

Skinnyskinny black coffee scrub

If you love the smell of coffee as much as I do, you should try the skinnyskinny Black Coffee scrub. It smells so delicious and it really helps waking up your sleepy senses in the morning. ♥♥ $26

Photos by Adam Au

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