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GO ginger balmStill sleepy? Time for some energizing ginger. I named my blog Ginger and Aloe because I’m a big believer in ginger as one of the most powerful plants on this planet. Every time I have a cold, my go-to home remedy is drinking lots of freshly brewed ginger tea with honey and lemon. And every time my skin gets this radiant glow,  blemishes clear completely and my complexion is smoother than ever. People even tell me that they can’t believe have a cold because I look so good and fresh (which is not always to my advantage…). So this how I personally discovered the benefits of ginger for my skin.

Why is ginger so beneficial for your health and well-being?

Ginger has been used for thousands of years to help with digestive problems. It has antibacterial properties and its ingredient gingerol promotes digestion and balances digestive track by moving out toxins. People drink or eat ginger to fight nausea, arthritic pain, flu and much more.  It is my favorite remedy for a sore and inflamed throat due to its inflammatory properties.

So why would ginger be beneficial for the skin?

Frankly, most of us – including me – eat a lot of sh*t every day. Breakouts are mostly due to inflamed follicles caused by dirt and bacteria. Fresh ginger consumed as tea or in a meal cleanses our bowel by cleaning up deposits can fight these breakouts from inside the body. Our digestive tract regulates what stays in our body and a healthy digestion is mirrored in our appearance.


GO skin care line by the ginger people:

The Ginger People have a great range of syrup, sauces, beers, spreads and candy. They recently launched their skin care line – a range of beauty products that all include ginger juice and extract. I’ve tried the face serum, moisturizer and the beauty balm and love them all. My absolute favorite is the balm that effectively soothes irritated and dry skin. I use it a lot for my thighs and hips because it’s a wonder balm for after shaving bumps and stretch marks. I have combination skin and also put the balm on my cheeks that easily dry after using a toner and mask. The energizing serum and moisturizer are especially good to apply to a tired face in the morning. The serum also includes sea buckthorn which which is a natural radiation shield and has impeccable anti-aging abilities. The moisturizer comes with moisturizing jojoba and and vitamin-rich grape seed oil, two ingredients that I have in my favorites list. If you like ginger then you will love these products!

The price range for all these products is between $10 and $30, so it is pretty affordable. They do not have an online shop, but sell their products on Amazon:

Go By The Ginger People Face Serum, Ginger, 1 Fluid Ounce

GO Ginger Face Moisturizer, 2 Ounce

Go By The Ginger People Balm, Ginger, 1.6 Ounce

8 thoughts on “Go Ginger

  1. I really enjoyed the Ginger lotion. I thought it was kind of energizing and I liked the smell of it. It was revitalizing. I got a sample of it a while ago and I remember it quite fondly. Always looking for giveaways for this!

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