African Black Soap

Sheaterra African Black Soap

Have you heard of African Black Soap? I recently received it with a package I ordered and am astonished! I have to admit, at first a bar of black soap didn’t appeal to me, or at least I wasn’t convinced that this should go on my skin since it looks a little bit like dirt. After doing some research, I learned that African black soap is a natural exfoliator and is supposed to help against acne and wrinkles by breaking down dead skin cells – perfect for 20-somethings like me who are still fighting against breakouts and are trying to prevent wrinkles at the same time.

I’m using Sheaterra African Black Soap which has been made since ancient times by the Yoruban tribe in Nigeria. Black soap is made by combining its main ingredients cocoa pod ash, plaintain peel ash, palm oil, and camwood with coconut oil and shea butter.  The bar is abrasive but gentle: the ash pieces are microdermabrasive and make for a great scrub, feeling especially good on the back, while oils and shea butter soothe the skin leaving a luxurious layer. I use it to prevent skin irritations on my face, shoulders, back and on my legs. It works fabulous! The ash visibly sheds away dead skin and really pulls out all the dirt in your pores (you might see an increased amount of white heads during the first days of using it, but they’re just on their way out).

With $8 this Sheaterra African black soap bar is pretty affordable, especially since it lasts for a long time. I recommend it for oily and combination skin. Apply a natural oil or moisturizer afterwards.


USDA certified organic, virgin coconut cream oil, African black soap (cocoa pod ash, plaintain peel ash, palm oil, camwood), 24% USDA certified organic shea butter, certified organic, extra virgin olive oil, spring water, sodium hydroxide

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