Priti NYC Organic Nail Polish

Fall 13 Dusk in Paris Mini Card

Priti NYC is my new favorite nail polish: the lacquer is easy to apply, covers perfectly and it stays pretty on my nails for a week even without a top coat. Even my beloved Chanel polishes aren’t that resistant. Priti’s color palette is amazing and since blue is the must-have nail color of the moment, I’m going with Baby Blue Eyes from the Bahamas Collection for my summer ’13 nails and am already looking forward to try Paper Birch from the fall collection. No wonder fashion designers like Stella McCartney and Thakoon love Priti NYC and use it for their models during fashion weeks.  Priti NYC comes Vegan & 5 Free, which means that it’s free of carcinogens such as  toluene, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, and camphor. There’s good and bad news: while the European Union has banned toluene and formaldehyde, the US goverment hasn’t, so you can keep your Chanels and Diors, because they’re both 5 Free, but watch out for carcinogenic ingredients when buying other brands.

With $13,50 in the US and €15,95 in Germany it costs a little more than Essie and much less then Chanel.

(Photo sources: Isabelle Winter, and Priti NYC website)

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