To Avoid: Aluminium

Mostly I like to share good and important facts about cosmetics on this blog. So it seems about time to explain why I think natural skincare is so important and why some ingredients are better than others. The first absolute no-go-ingredient is Aluminium.

This morning my mom called to tell me that her friend was diagnosed with breast cancer. The doctors named the cause being too much aluminium deposits in her body from her deodorant. This is a shocking evidence of something that I have thought about for some time, but even more shocking for me is that she used crystal deodorant for years, believing – like I did until now – she is doing her body good. I just raved about crystal deodorant last week and talked about my thoughts on Aluminium causing cancer. Now I have to revise the post. Crystal deodorants don’t contain Aluminum Chlorohydrate or Aluminum Zirconium which is in most other deodorants but they do contain Alum,  which is a form of Aluminium and is said to cause Alzheimer’s desease and cancer. Some people argue that this type of Aluminium can’t actually be absorbed by the body. I am not a scientist, so I can’t tell, but if specialized doctors in a German hospital say this is the case, I better believe it. Since I am not super radically “eco”, I also need to ask myself if it’s really worth it to go crazy about natural deodorant while living in a world that exposes us to toxins daily?  I believe in a healthy balance and I try to keep toxins away if possible. This means not feeding my lymph nodes with Aluminium daily, because this is the place where breast cancer is likely to spreat. So now I am back on the hunt for antiperspirants that make me smell great all day and not deodorize my way to breast cancer. Has anyone tried Dr. Hauschka or Burt’s Bees deodorants? Please comment if you can recommend a natural 100% Aluminium free deodorant!!!

5 thoughts on “To Avoid: Aluminium

  1. I was although surprised, that in the crystal deodorant is aluminium. When I heard the aluminium causes breast cancer I really tryed hard to find a deodorant, that helps against sweating (I´m teacher and I really sweat a lot 🙂 ) and has no aluminium. That was really difficult. But in the end I found a Deo in “Body shop” called “DeoDry” with volcanic mineral without aluminium salt. I combine it with “Impuls Vanille Kisses” and the day is saved!
    But the best is avoiding sweating! So I reduced coffee and black tea and it really helps!
    Greetings from Germany!

  2. You might like to first try the nighttime Detox Deodorant that helps to absorb alum salts in the underarm. We have been asking if people using the crystal style deodorant if they have developed dental issues, and root canals are linked to crystal deo use from the lymph nodes under the teeth inability to drain out thru the underarm. Root canals contain toxic metals that seep into the lymph passageways and find mutating into breast tissue.

      • Herbalix Restoratives “Detox cleansing Deodorant”. It’s a nighttime deodorant formulated to clean out the underarm ducts while you sleep. Their Geranium deodorant is considered one of the best daytime on the market.

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